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Hi, I'm Alexandria! is an ongoing project of mine to practice web development and show off my mediocre cat drawings. Right now this site is only using HTML and CSS, but that will change soon!

See the meowers

Goals of this site

There are two goals of the site. The primary goal is to learn as much about web development as I can on my own. The other goal is to tap into my artistic side and get better at drawing cute kitties.


There's a lot of different things I would like to do, but ultimately I would like for to become a sort of browser game kind of life As a lone beginner I won't be able to make anything nearly as complicated, but I'm sure there is still a lot of awesome things to be done, hopefully including:

  • People can make their own accounts!
  • People can adopt cats!
  • In-game currency and games to earn it!


Really want everything here to be adorable, here are my artsy fartsy goals:

  • Three different kinds of cats!
  • Templates to make special kinds of those cats!
  • Other cute items!